Sunday, 1 March 2015

Not all cats are purr-fect

Calculating, envious and messy are our words at 3 Word Wednesday

I love my cats; it’s just that I don’t know them very well. I know what they like to eat, I know where they find most comfortable – my bed or my lap! But what goes on in their devious little minds is a mystery.

My friend Keith of Keith’s Ramblings, is a bit anti-pussy (oh! that sounds terrible!) He thinks that cats are icalculating and evil, and they prowl around planning the day when they’ll rule the world. He said he thinks one of mine, Fuzzybutt believes itself to be cacodemonomanic; it thinks it’s posessed by the devil and is duty bound to act accordingly. (Actually he said CATodemonomanic, but as I had no idea what the word meant at the time his wordplay was lost on me!)

But he could have a point. I mean for instance they know I hate mice dead or alive, so I really didn’t expect Fuzzy to deposit a messy blood stained dead one on the rug in front of my fireplace while I was eating my supper last night, then watch my reaction with a guilty look on its face before purring an apology as if to say 'sorry I couldn't help myself'

I must admit that sometimes when I look into my cats eyes I get the feeling that they are thinking wicked thoughts. Perhaps cats are the clever ones and they have a little smile to themselves when they see envious dogs having to perform for their masters while they sit around just purring, preening, and being waited on whilst awaiting the next demand from their inner demon.

Cacodemonomania was the last prompt at mindlovemisery's menagerie


  1. The old joke is that the dog will get the master's slippers and paper -
    The cat will say to his master when he arrives home; "Where's my diner and get your own slippers!"

    (I'm usually at WP but have B for ease of comments) Cheers Jules.

  2. Mankind's arrangement with cats and dogs is fairly simple; Dogs guard the home and bark at strangers to prove it and claim a place by the fire; Cats guard the home and rid the place of small animals and place them by the door to prove it and claim a place by the fire in the small place left by the dog and may occasionally singe, (Well they did in my house).

  3. Yayyy, Keith! For getting you up and going at it again! Booooo, Keith for being such an anti-pussy, lol!

  4. I have found cats to be the same I am afraid. As well they delight in killing the native birds around here. But as a cat person Rosey I am sure you see the benefits they bring. Good response to this prompt.

  5. I think cats were the perfect subject for the prompt! Personally I love cats even if they are devious lol

    mindlovemisery aka Yves

  6. aw the loving gesture from cats, to say I love you so much I hunt and feed you. Now praise me.