Sunday, 26 July 2015

My camp friend!

I've only just noticed - the Sunday Whirl is back! It had a hiatus you know. Sounds painful to me, I hope it's fully recovered! Anyway, this week's 12 words are work camping damnation warmth tired fun rivers hell sunshine fire kayak and marshmallows (yum!) 


I am so tired of my friend Keith going on and on and on about his camping trip last week.

"Inspirational" he says as he waxes lyrical about  meandering rivers, swaying fields of corn and his bloody camp fire. "I toasted marshmallows under the stars" he says. What’s all that about?

"It was such fun" he says, "comuning with nature: the birds and the bees’" Well, you can keep them. Bees sting and birds make too much noise first thing in the morning.  Imagine the racket if all you’ve got between them and you at 'sparrows fart' is a flimsy sheet of canvas (or polyester or whatever tents are made from)

"The warmth of the sunshine...the smell of the countryside blah blah blah".  Yes matey, until night-time when it freezes your socks off.  As for country smells....

Sounds like pure hell to me. Damnation on a tin plate with a plastic goblet of eternity on the side.

Actually, I’ve just remembered something. I’m going on a camping trip with the school in August. But at least we have decent sized tents, a huge barbecue to cook on and most of all – human company. We are going kayaking, and tree-top walking. We’ll have sing songs and silliness - and sausages! (Wine too when the kids are wrapped up in their sleeping bags!) Now that will be fun!


I just nicked this picture from his Facebook page! Imagine spending 6 days in that. He's doing it again soon!


  1. I'm with you all the way Rosey. My idea of camping is either a 4 star hotel or a deserted holiday shack on the beach.

  2. ;-) it just may work out better than one thinks ... have a wonderful vacation! Bastet

  3. "a plastic goblet of eternity"

    I'm really trying to imagine what that looks and tastes like!

    Whirling Tanka

  4. I spy a Rosey shaped disaster on the horizon -'Damnation on a tin plate with a plastic goblet of eternity on the side' - so she has paid us a visit then!