Saturday, 29 August 2015


It's the last  Sunday Scribblings 2. Guess it's time to say farewell.


Bye Jae, look after yourself - catch up soon.

Alice, don’t cry! I’m sure you’ll find somewhere else to go on Sundays.

Eggy, you coming for a swift drink? No? Not like you!

Keithy, it was fun wasn’t it? See ya’

Magic, off already?  Thanks for hosting each week, it really was great. Don’t worry, I’ll lock up. Bye.

Cheerio Cres….…oh you’ve gone!

Anybody still here? No?

Guess that's it then. Where’s the key? Bye bye. 

* Cooo-eee! Get back here you lot - Sunday is carrying on Scribbling after all!



  1. While your drinking Chardonnay Rosey I will have a glass of red in my hand. Yes, that's me over in the corner of the bar winking at you now. I just haven't got the legs to chase you just now.

  2. Thank you Rosey for the honourable mention - if you need a key issue sorted me and Alice may be just who you need...although we may lead you astray! We would join you for a swift drink however - oh, what the hey a long one too...see you soon Rosey - adieu

  3. I'm loving the very end! Do come back, Rosey and all!

    Farewell Psalm