Thursday, 13 August 2015


Moths give me the creeps; just the word ‘moth’ makes me shiver.

Now butterflies...they are elegant, sophisticated.

But moths! (shiver) Dull, boring.

I like my windows open in the evening and for some reason every moth (shiver) in the district makes a bee-line (I like bees) for my lights! Why? They send creepy fluttering shadows across my walls, and once one landed on my nose!

I mean, if they crave light, why don’t they come out in the daytime when it’s naturally light?

Then there’s the other type of moth (shiver) that lives in cupboards and eats clothes. Why?

Exterminate, exterminate........

Thanks for hosting Rochelle.

Photo: Moths by Madison Woods 


  1. Good points made - why only come out at night if they want the light - great.

  2. Cruel, cruel. :) I could give you a lengthy explanation about ecological niches, but -- maybe you're better off with netting on the windows.

    1. You know I'm only kidding (cross fingers behind back)

  3. The moths are only there to make you shut the windows of course.. :-)

  4. Moth's have furry little bodies and wings, creepy! Yes, they give me the chills too. Well told! The Dalect's from Dr. Who, they take them out! :) Exterminate! Exterminate! Love it!

  5. I like the (shiver) at the mention of moths

  6. Dear Rosey,

    Cute piece, written with whimsy.



  7. NO! Don't exterminate! Anyway. I agree with Dee Dee. The addition of the "shivers" really add to this work.

  8. I once watched a blackbird capture a moth in mid-flight, shake it with its beak and swallow it whole, if this makes you feel better. :)

  9. Cute story. I wonder if anybody knows why moths are drawn to light. I seem to recall learning that it's not fully understood. In any case, I'm with you in the shiver response.

  10. I really enjoy you stream of conscious writing style. It takes the reader along the process to extermination with a lot of smiles. The point about being nocturnal when they are attracted to light is an interesting one.