Saturday, 22 August 2015


It's Six Word Saturday time!

A stray cat took up residence!

Don't know why it chose me

Let me tell you what happened...

It knocked on my door the other day. He/she/it didn’t actually knock on it of course; it kind of scratched at it. Anyway, being the idiot I’m oft-told I am, I let the blessed thing in. I have to say, it looked beautiful; nay, splendid. It appeared well cared for with plump chops, a bushy tail and a gleaming black fur coat.

I said ‘Hey stray, you can stay, just so long as you don’t spray!’  (I didn’t really- I just had a poetic moment!)

Sadly, my mutts Fuzzybut and Scruff didn’t share my enthusiasm. They stood with their backs arched, and hissed and spat at my visitor.

Now I detest any form of racism, and to see my two pure white kitty-cats  being so mean our jet black guest was concerning to say the least. So I put them in separate rooms until I decided what I should do. However, I felt a little guilty as I seemed to be unintentionally performing an act of apartheid.

Thankfully a few hours later a neighbour from one of the apartments below called on me asking if I’d seen her shadow. I said I hadn’t been outside in the dark that evening, so I couldn’t have! Then she giggled and said ‘No silly, (bloody cheek!) I mean Shadow, have you seen my pussy? Then realising what she meant, and resisting the temptation to comment on her inadvertent double-entendre about pet names and body parts, I invited her inside to collect her cat.

I’m not sure whether Fuzz and Scruff, or Shadow was most pleased to be torn asunder from the other!


  1. not a cat person, so when a stray cat enters my yard i say to it

    "this is not your yard LEAVE"

    much love...

  2. Probably just as well that your stray was reclaimed!

  3. Too bad the owner claimed it. Black cats are delicious, and far more tender than whites, provided (of course) that they're properly grilled.

  4. I think this is an 'all's well that ends well?' :)