Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Who'd have cats?

Something recently happened that  perfectly suited this week's  3 Word Wednesday prompt (Well, I think so!) The givens are UnravelMenacing and Rampant.

I’m not a happy bunny. As much as I love my cats, they can be very annoying at times.

Last Sunday Fuzzybutt, the naughtier of the two, performed a rampant attack on the scarf I‘m knitting (I’m a bit of a slow knitter so I started in the summer to make sure it’s finished by winter!) I was about two weeks and three feet seven inches along the road to completion. 

Anyway, I remembered I needed to nip out and grab a bottle of Chardonnay; you can only drink so much tea and coffee! I left my partially completed work of art on the arm of my knitting chair (I have a special chair with lower arms so I don’t butt them with my elbows if I have a turn of speed – a jolt to the funny bone just ‘aint funny at all!) and I nipped out to the 24/7.

When I came back, Fuzzy was spinning round and round with a menacing look on his face, attempting to unravel himself from my wool. In the process, he was getting more and more bound up and my scarf was getting shorter and shorter with each revolution!

Scruff just looked on from his vantage point on top of the bookshelf clearly finding it very amewsing!

My long-term plan is to make some matching mittens. I’d like to make gloves, but knitting ten fingers looks a tad complicated!  I’ll let you know how I get on. 


  1. Cats unlike dogs are not servants with you the master (I was going to write mistress but thought better of it and madam sounded worse). Fuzzbutt's actions is merely a reminder to you of this and it is a pity Scruff viewed the scene as he will think it's his turn next.

  2. Cats are playful. They think one can be playing games with them!