Sunday, 20 September 2015

A rose for Rosey!

This is my first trip to Sunday Photo Fiction where we write about 200 words based on  - you guessed it - the photo!

I've also used ten of the words given to us by The Sunday Whirl which are free flee valley deny trick  scent nick subside dash and  try.

When I accepted his invitation to a restaurant, I wasn’t expecting to find myself in McDonalds. Apparently, he had enough tokens for two free coffees, and a two-for-one burger voucher.

Mid Big Mac, it happened. He dropped one knee. My immediate thought was to flee for a pee, but the noisy chatter subsided and every head in the house turned in our direction.

For what seemed ages he searched through his pockets. Just for once I was hoping for one of his pathetic conjuring tricks, but no. He produced a sad looking squashed rosebud (he’d probably  nicked it from the park)

He yelped as he pricked his finger before looking me in the eye and saying something about a rose for his Rosey, the sweet scent of my aura, and never fearing the valley of death because I’d be with him!

I can’t deny he really did try. Mid-speech the rose’s head fell off. He didn’t notice and raised the stalk expecting me to take it and declare my undying love for him.

I wanted to dash for the door, but I just couldn’t. I just smiled, said thanks, then helped him to his feet because his knees had seized up.

I never saw him again.


  1. oh this is funny and painful at the same time. Well-penned, Rosey! :)

  2. Awesome! Great pacing and great scene!

  3. Haha! I love this! I can feel your horror. LOL

  4. Oh that poor man, trying so hard and obviously not up to it. Great details with the rose head falling off and him still holding the stem, and then his knees seizing up... Yet I feel for her as well: escape! escape!

  5. You craft a vivid scene. Thank you for the resultant smiles and commiserations,


  6. An absolute delight. You made this come alive and sing to me.

  7. He had that moment of triumph and it did make his day. All that he had asked for!


  8. Haha that made me laugh. Great story and very well told. Welcome to Sunday Photo Fiction :-)

  9. A very amusing take on the prompt! Only a small typo - "He probably it nicked from the park."

    I count myself lucky to have avoided such a, erm, romantic gesture!

    1. Duly corrected - thanks for pointing it out!