Saturday, 12 September 2015


The 12 words at Whirligig are rolling, furrow, moves, dust, timeless, floating, name, powerless, stars, rub, pulsing and moonless. I used  10, half of 1 and could find a home for the 12th.

Excuse me if I don’t speak much, I'm concentrating on making this cake for my Mama’s birthday. Careful where you tread, I just dropped an egg.

I have to rub sugar, flour and butter together with my fingers then add four eggs. I'll have to make do with three unless I scoop that one up off the floor. Perhaps not.

Eww, don’t like this! Let’s use the food mixer and try pulsing it instead. Hey, that’s better! Noisy isn’t it, you’ll have to speak up. You can stop shouting now, I’ve turned it off. 

Tip into a cake tin, plop-plop-plop. What’s that floating on top? Ooo, nasty. Out you come. Right mister cake, into the oven you go.

Thirty minutes to fill. Coffee? Something stronger? OK. Nice weather.  It was a ‘braw bricht moonlicht nicht last nicht’ as they say in Scotland. La-la-la-la. What’s the time? This is boring. How long to go?

Right, out you come. Looks OK, smells...interesting. Now to extract it from the tin. Let’s push the bottom up with a rolling pin. Easy does it....yea!

Well, I got most of it out. Now let it cool. Tonight I’ll cover it in butter icing, carve some arty-farty furrows around the sides, write her name on top, and sprinkle it with sugar stars. Well, that’s the plan. 

Right, I’ll just  dust myself down, wash my hands... and my arms... and my face, and we can adjourn to the pub.



  1. Aww I loved the bake tale with 10 plus .5 words.. It made a fun, light rading!

  2. Dear Rosey - you are a master baker - sprinkled sugar stars sound just perfect i am sure your mama will can we join you at the pub too!

  3. Your Mama will surely be proud of you Rosey. Might see you at the Bicycle Arms.

    1. About time Eggy, it's your round and I've been waiting ages!

  4. The dropped egg was perfect. I've never been much of a baker, so hats off to you for this great attempt,


    1. Nor me - you should have tasted it! It lacked one egg.

  5. This has such a light-hearted tone to it and it sounds like you bake the way I would if I attempted it (egg on the floor and all)!