Saturday, 24 October 2015

I almost killed a rabbit!

This week's words at The Sunday Whirl are full, ground, hour, buddy, sell, element, ability, theory, demon, gear, lane and trees

I’ve not told anybody this before, not even my friend Keith so please keep it to yourself, or I’ll never hear the last of it.

I passed my driving theory and practical tests at the first attempt. Elementary stuff. I clearly have a natural ability!

Anyway, an hour after getting my license I had my first brush with death! Actually, that’s a slight exaggeration, but it was very scary.

I was travelling home down a country lane home with my buddy Bobbie when the demon in me appeared and I suddenly dropped a gear and gave it full throttle. Startled birds shot into the air, sheep stepped back from the fence, and Bobbie almost leapt out of the window with fear.

Unfortunately, I slipped on some mud. Well, not just slipped, I skidded sideways and came to a halt on the grass verge. How I missed the trees, hedgerows and a couple of rabbits I’ll never know.

Poor Bobbie tumbled out of the door, shaking like a leaf in a gale. I got out my side, stumbled into a ditch, landed on my derrière and got yucky mud on my new designer jeans. I could have ruined them.

I’m far more sensible now – at least when it comes to driving!



  1. Phew we are glad the rabbit was saved - and we always knew you were smart Rosey - as you say it's elementary ;) of course

  2. Does that mean you are safe on the roads but take risks elsewhere? If so I look forward to more stories.

  3. You remind me of a similar adventure when I was much younger. Only it wasn't a wee rabbit, but a full grown cow that had gotten loose from the nearby pasture. You'll be fine!


  4. Glad you missed the rabbit. Great tale!