Saturday, 28 November 2015


The word at Sunday Scribblings 2 is Century

There’s a pub up in town called The Turn of the Century. It opened New Years Day two thousand..... and three!

Anyway, it’s a bit rough especially on Friday and Saturday nights so they have one of those booted-and-suited security guards standing to attention outside. He’s known to everyone as Cedric the Century Sentry! Get it?

It was his birthday last week – no, not his hundredth!  He had to work that night so several of the regulars sent Cedric the Century Sentry a celebratory selection of sandwiches (including cheese and celery) and a cake.

Unfortunately while he was tucking in to his feast a rowdy bunch of lads and ladettes managed to sneak in and cause havoc.

Not his best birthday but one that Cedric the Century Sentry will certainly never forget!



  1. Great alliteration Rosey I knew you would come up roses...or pink at least.

  2. You in the midst of trouble Rosey - I find that hard to believe ;) and as Old Egg (who is much more betterer at engerlish than me) points out awesome alliteration!