Monday, 2 November 2015

Toilet humour!

I don’t like public toilets, do you? The worst I saw was on a beach in India. It was a stone hole in the ground! Honestly! Fortunately, I had my rubber ring with me (I’m not the strongest swimmer and I’d rather be safe than sorry) so it doubled up as a loo seat!

I’ve got a posh toilet seat in my bathroom. It’s one of those that somehow lowers itself. Have you seen them? Clever. Anyway, everyone else I know still uses the old-fashioned ones that you put down yourself (unless you are like my friend Keith who always leaves his up. He moans at women who dare to put it down)

As I was saying, I have an automatic one and when I avail myself of others’ facilities, I invariably drop the lid with a bang! I learned my lesson last week though when I managed to smash my parent’s seat when it crash landed on the bowl thingy.Whoops!

Is it a physiological thing? Whenever I think about loos, I need to make a dash for one, so please excuse me, I must...............



  1. No comments? This was awesome! I loved it :-D Now I need to run for the loo hehe.

    1. At last! Thanks for dropping by. I visited every contributor and commented on most, so I was a tad disappointed to get nothing in return - it's something I'm not used to! I'll try one more time, and if I get a similar reaction (or non-reaction!) I'll assume my style doesn't suit the site.

    2. I'm very surprised with a couple as they normally visit everyone. I only managed to get here at the last minute, and haven't managed to get to a few of the others. Glad I could though, I would have hated to see you not get any.

      I know what it could be. You put your link in as instead of

  2. Haha! I want one of those that lowers itself. Sounds great! Cute story Rosey!