Sunday, 6 December 2015

Stand well clear!

It's Sunday Scribblings 2 time! 

I expect when most people saw the word 'skein' they either thought:-
     a) a ball of yarn    
     b) roast goose for Christmas dinner!
     c) where’s my dictionary?

But I thought:-
     d) I’m going on holiday soon!

You see, in January I am going to 'les Apls Français' to try my hand (or feet) at ske’in! Last winter I spent a happy afternoon sliding down a snowy hill on a tea tray. Though I say it myself I was pretty good at it. So I thought why not go up a level? - or down a slope!

Returning to a) I do quite a bit of knitting. You may remember a couple of years ago I told you about making knitted mobile phone covers for my mates for Chrimbo. Well, right now I am attempting a woolly hat for moi to wear when I go d) skiing. Unfortunately, I came to a halt last night when my beloved pussies Scruffybut and Scruff got tangled up in the ‘skein’ of wool and now it’s got a massive knot in it. A knit-knot in fact! And the first of you to call me a knit-whit is in serious trouble.

Anyway, have to dash. Nativity play rehearsals beckon. Bye x


  1. I expect you felt like skeining the cats for doing that.

  2. Rose you really are quite adept with wordplay...i look forward to hearing about your skiing adventures...

    1. How terrible of me spell check cut off the y...sigh