Saturday, 2 January 2016

Holly and things

Sunday Scribblings 2

Randy Raymond gave us a lecture on Christmas decorations in the pub the other night. I was quite impressed until I realised it was just an excuse to get us girls under his little piece of mistletoe!

Apparently, the adornments used to consists just of holly, ivy and other assorted greenery including mistletoe, which was said by the druids to bring prosperity and fertility into the home. Nowadays of course, it’s used as lame an excuse to kiss a fair maid, who under normal circumstances would run a mile. It was thought that naughty tree spirits hid in the greenery and if it wasn’t thrown out on twelfth-night disaster would strike, your crops would fail and you wouldn’t get your oats! So they were taken down a burned. 

In the spirit of his tale, I grabbed Raymond’s little sprig (of mistletoe!) and threw it on the log fire!



  1. Raymond like most men seems to an opportunist; it was good of you put him in his place although I expect there were a few groans from the other men in the pub. Fertility symbols were probably very important in the past when infant mortality was so high.

  2. Rosey have you been hitting the history books over Christmas - i am impressed by your knowledge..and also sound move with that mistletoe..a lucky escape backed up by sound reasoning..just where will you take us this year!