Friday, 22 April 2016

Too late!

I'm  too late to take part. It's the story of my life. Keefie is to blame of course - you know him as Keith's Ramblings by the way.  I told him to tell me when the A-Z Challenge was due to start. But did he? He totally forgot, or so he said. Total tosh I say! He didn't want the competition! 

Now I feel guilty for moaning about him . Not very guilty, but guilty just the same. You see, we actually are best mates. He's the same age as my ancient father, but you wouldn't know it; obviously, because you've never seen him! Hehe! Seriously though, I really treasure our friendship. 

Now I'm getting tearful. Get your act together Rosey you twerp! To have a true friend without any complications is special indeed. A friend that doesn't judge. A friend that  tolerates my inadvertent eccentricities. A friend that is - a friend. A true friend. Keefie.


  1. It's never too late! Never... look-see, if it were too late we wouldn't have met... not so?? Don't shed a tear... shed the fear! ;-)
    AJ at Ouch My Back Hurts

    1. So true! Hello, pleased to meet you!

    2. Thank you... pleased to make your acquaintance too!! Now... please promise you'll keep Keith in check!! :D

  2. Just begin writing posts. You have one done already: "T is for Too Late." Only 25 mores to do (unless there are others that fit.)

  3. No wonder, I missed your posts. I was expecting you to be a part of it, actually longing to read your posts