Friday, 13 May 2016


At Sunday Scribblings the Second, the given word is 'letters'. My initial thought was to write a piece about a priest entitled 'Letters pray' but I changed my mind.

Do you get letters? I don't. I asked the kids in my class if they had ever
written a letter, and Johnny said yes, he wrote the letter J on his locker door yesterday. 

My friend Keith writes letters; mind you. he is getting on a bit. He probably uses one of those feathery pens! Seriously though, he really does write regularly in pen and ink to a number of fellow bloggers in America and India. 

When did a letter last land on your doormat? All I get is stuff advertising stuff I don't want. Or bills which I also don’t want. Stuff them I say. 

I still have the Parker pen I was given on my 21st birthday. It's tortoise shell and gold. How smart is that? I also have an ancient bottle of Quink - that's posh person's ink in case you’ve forgotten. Queen's ink maybe! I remember squeezing the rubber tube in the pen once and realising why it was called a fountain pen. I've even got a blotter -  not that it was much help to my white blouse that day.

So how about we have a shot at writing a letter to each other? Perhaps not!



  1. I would Rosey but I haven't got your email address! Oh I see now, you want longhand and not the tap, tap, typing!

  2. That sounds like a first class idea Rosey ...we remember Quink - i bet the Queen was involved ;)

  3. Iremember Quink too.Letters are lovely. I cannot remember when I last received one.

  4. I loved using the fountain pen... maybe I should scratch around in the draws and find one and then write you a note! No, better still, cut a feather and write you a note!! ;-)