Wednesday, 25 March 2015


A little chat inspired by Three Word Wednesday's trio Petite, Chilly and Glorious

Isn’t it a glorious day! Well, I think it is although judging by the breeze it may be a bit chilly. I’ll just go out onto my balcony and test the temperature. If it’s nice I’ll go for a scoot down the seafront on my roller blades. If not I’ll stay put.

Don’t go away, I’ll be right back.

I’m back, and actually it is a bit on the chilly side. That’s the trouble with being quite small I suppose. I’ve got chubby mates who don’t feel the cold, but I bloomin’ well do! I’m not exactly petite – well actually I suppose I could be described thus (what a posh word; thus!) but I’m not skinny.

I’ve always thought it funny that we girls have a kind of built in low temperature indicator. It worked just now when I went outside. You can’t see me (obviously) but I’m wearing quite a thin blouse and a fairly skimpy doo-dah underneath, and as soon as the breeze hit my chest.......!  Ha ha!

Anyway, shall I go out, or shall I stay in? In out in out (shake it all about!)

In wins. Stick on the telly, make a cuppa tea and toast a hot cross bun. Yes, excellent idea.

Time for you to go I’m afraid. Thanks for dropping by. See you again soon I hope.


  1. Sticking on the telly, make a cuppa tea and toast a hot cross bun sounds good to me. I love the breezy way you wrote this.:)

  2. Bright and breezy piece Rosey and quick off the mark too. I see you have beaten your friend Keith to 3WW. Well Done!

  3. Hate to break it to you Rosey but it's a sign of getting older - but you're a long way off that just now so hot cross buns and tea sound delightful

  4. Cuppa? I assume that means cup. Not British though, so. And hot cross buns? That's still a thing? (I'm old.. sorry)

    1. Read and learn!!! Cuppa' is British for a cup of tea Personally I prefer a glassa' - a glass of wine! And the run up to Easter would not be the same without copious amounts of hot cross buns!