Friday, 27 March 2015

all together now!

For a chatterbox like me, witting a tale in just 100 words is a bit of a challenge. But I've done it! Thanks  for the photo prompt Friday Fictioneers, and thanks also to David Stewart whose picture it is.

I love good sing-song don’t you? So as the band played I sang along.

The reaction from the sour faced audience surrounding me was most unpleasant! Shhhh’s and shut-ups from every direction!

Well, you know me. Red-rag-bull! I sang even louder.

The audience became quite abusive. So I sang louder still and  started dancing.

One grumpy old man signalled to a park attendant hoping for assistance. They chatted, then as the attendant approached me the man that waves that stick stopped his band, turned round and shouted “Why aren’t you all joining in?”

Rosey one, miseries nil!

All together now.......!



  1. It was funny - I was there! Thanks for not mentioning my name Rosey, but 'grumpy old man'? Your singing was a bit dodgy!

    1. You fibber! I made the whole thing up -didn't I?

  2. Sing as though no-one can hear you!
    Love as though you've never been hurt.
    Write for Friday Fictioneers as though your life depends upon it.

  3. What fun Rosey seems to be. And I love the term Red-rag bull.

  4. Ha.. That would be a fun concert to visit.

  5. My family would all do that - sing and dance when the mood took them. Nice story.

  6. Dear Rosey,

    There's one in every crowd. Cute story.