Sunday, 29 March 2015

Confession time!

I like Magpie Tales! What shall I write this week?

Oh gosh, this picture just reminded me something. Should I tell you? I did something terrible. It was yonks ago but I’ve never forgotten it because it was so naughty.

I’ve always said I should get it off my chest and maybe this is the perfect time and place, after all I don’t expect anyone will read this.

Oh, no don’t worry, I didn’t bump someone off in a backstreet or break into a shop!!! No, I’d just passed my driving test which took me forever and I was driving down this road and I saw a big puddle and, well, two people were walking along arm in arm and I got the overwhelming urge to..... an overwhelming urge to...erm... to drive though the puddle and splash them. 

There I’ve said it! And I feel so much better!

Oh goodness I’ve just remembered something else I need to confess. But I’m going to keep that to myself for a while because it only happened a few days ago and it involves someone we both know - if you read my friend Keith’s blog!


Apparently it's a picture by Mr Stainforth of a street in Manchester where I've never been so that's not where I did know what! 


  1. Well, now you have me curious. I am going to have to hop over to Keith's blog!!

  2. I have never done that on purpose but it has occurred by accident but I still felt bad. I think Rosey, that you were a naughty girl to do that you should remember that Karma will almost certainly pay you back one day!

  3. Good build-up, nice tongue-in-cheek style...ending mysterious! Will have a look...

  4. Sprightly, clever, entertaining...

  5. Some times you just have to splash em.

  6. Ha! Thanks for the laugh you naughty girl you...

  7. lol....... this is something I had great joy in reading! I've witnessed it happen before and the cruel streak in me had me in stitches. Being older, I would probably take offence in witnessing such again......*ahem*

  8. oh you were indeed naughty splashing that couple..this made me laugh as I wasn't expecting such an act..aren't you glad you confessed..smiling..