Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I believe in fairies

At Two Shoes Tuesday we are writing about Fantasy this week.

I believe in fairies. Don’t laugh, I do! Well, I think I do. Actually I’m not certain. Anyway, what’s wrong with blending fantasy with reality if it makes you feel good?

I saw a fairy once. There you go again, laughing at me! It was in the distance I admit, but it looked like a fairy. I was walking my cats in the woods (I know that’s a bit unusual but I really believe that they should see the outside world now and again so they know there's life beyond their baskets, food bowls and that pesky mouse that lives in my apartment)

Where was? Oh yes, the fairy was sitting a little way away (way away!!) and no, she was not sitting on a toadstool - or a mushroom for that matter.

That’s it really. I think I saw a fairy in the woods. At least I told myself it was a fairy although it could have been a little girl. Anyway like I said a little bit of fantasy does you good.


  1. I think believing in fairies is lovely! Cultures around the world hold beliefs in small mythical beings, so who is to say that none of it is real? Life needs a big of magic to make us smile now and then, and I prefer to believe that you were not just fantasizing when you spied that fairy in the woods! :-)

    1. That's the lovely thing about writing, being able to suspend your beliefs and travel to a place you'd rather be. Blimey, listen to me!

  2. This was adorable! I loved the whimsical tone, and the willing suspension of disbelief. :)

  3. I agree with Kate. Nice post.