Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Mister Moon and I had a chat.

Here are my hundred words based on the picture at this week's Friday Fictioneers. Thanks once again Rochelle.

I was leaning out of my bedroom window. It was very late, gone eight o’clock.

‘Hello Mister Moon’ I said. ‘Hello Little Miss Sunshine’ it replied.

‘I can hardly see you' I said ‘because of all those clouds’

‘Then blow them away’ he said.

So I blew and blew, and a huge hole appeared. He smiled then he was gone again. 

Magic often happened when we were kids didn’t it? We believed anything; at least I did.

Years later Mum said that Mr Moon was actually Mr Jones from next door who was in his garden.

I’m not sure I believe her though.

Add yours and read theirs!


  1. This is very inventive. Mr. Moon or Mr. Jones, who cares? The child had fun.

  2. A child's imagination is fantastic, a great piece.

  3. This is wonderful, and I'm sure Rosey's mum was wrong. What do adults know?

  4. Children's imagination and appropriate lying by adults makes childhood much more fun!

  5. Sweet. And speaking as a mother who told the truth too many times to an imaginative child, don't believe a word of it. The moon speaks!

  6. Love the child's imagination / version :) I wish we could retain that magic.