Sunday, 2 August 2015

'Open wide...ha ha ha..!'

Keith bet me I couldn't use all 12 words of this week's Sunday Whirl prompt. They are teeth, radiant (like me!) shallow (not like me!) emerge, track river, bones (did I ever tell you that my cats like chewing bones? I sometimes wonder if they are actually dogs) Where was I? longing, reveal mask, collapse, reel. No problem matey!

I emerged from the dentist’s surgery with my teeth aching more than they did when I went in. What a sadist! Even the bone at the top of my head ached (my skull that is - I had to find a use for the word bones!) I was in so much pain I thought I might collapse in a quivering heap.

He had such a scary face. It didn’t look reel (sorry, had to find a use for that word too!) I was thinking it must be a halloween mask he was wearing. His eyes pierced me even more than his needle. I was longing to reach up and drag it off and reveal a happy radiant smiley face. But I thought better of it. He was hacking away at me enough as it was; I didn’t want to rile him.

Anyway, I had escaped, so I decided to take the track down to the river and relax for a while by gazing at the little fishes in the shallows. Fish are supposed to be calming I believe which is  why nice dentists often have a tank of them in their torture chambers. Mine doesn't - if he did he'd probably eat them with chips. 

Let me check..erm.....yep, all the words used up! I'm off to claim my reward.


  1. No reward for you Rosey because you should have said as you walked by the river that you wished you had brought your fishing reel even though I guess you don't have one, or do you? But as usual you made me laugh...Thanks.