Friday, 8 January 2016

Flying high!

Apart from the first five words, the following is a total lie so I guess it qualifies for this week's Friday Fictioneers collection! Thanks to Rochelle for allowing me on board the flight, and to Melanie Greenwood for the picture.

I live near London Gatwick and a few years ago I was persuaded by a friend to attend a casual recruitment afternoon held by Virgin to tempt new air crew. I always liked their red uniforms so I thought why not.

They plied us with tea and cakes and we each had a little chat with an existing stewardess. Okay, you’ll probably laugh, but I mistakenly thought that as I'd used a plane toilet whilst flying at above 5280 feet I was a fully paid-up member of the Mile High Club, and that would be a good qualification to have.

I didn’t get invited for a formal interview.


  1. Cute.
    Nothing like air borne potty humor...

  2. Ha.. I think the mile high club has nothing to do with virgins...

    1. Hehe! I wondered if anyone would spot that!

  3. Hehe, funny. I imagine the face of the stewardess...

  4. sorry, it didn't fly, but lessons learned. now you can try for another airline. :)