Sunday, 3 January 2016

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Time for a Whirligigle! I used all of the words except loneliness (because it’s a concept I refuse to embrace) and twilight (because I’ve been known to turn into a vampire at the sound of the word and you wouldn't want that!)



I should never have done it. You see, I had an irritating tuft of hair that refused to behave itself. It stuck out like a ... well, whatever. Suffice to say, it stuck out. So I decided drastic action was necessary. 

I made the offending tress sopping wet, then with a flash of my wrist and a delicate snip-snap of my scissors I chopped it off. I had the great satisfaction in watching it fall to the floor. However, my contentment was short-lived because when I looked in the mirror my glorious mane was lop-sided. And so, I took some off the other side. Then the first side again, then the other and so on until I decided to give up and make an appointment with my favourite crimper to create me a new look in a day or two’s time. 

I comforted myself by gladly breaking my New Year’s resolution on day one - grazing on calorific crisps, munching on chocolate cookies, scoffing raspberry ripple ice cream and downing copious quantities of the ‘ole char-donn-ay!

Happy New Year folks and cheers!



  1. I learned that lesson at a very young age, somewhere around four. Have always left the cutting to someone else ever since. Thanks for the smiles,


  2. Stuffing the last pack of crisps from Christmas into my mouth just today I can appreciate how this ameliorates most disasters for a few minutes my wine however was a Shiraz!

  3. Noo! not your lovely hair Rosey...definitely calls for a little bubble and sugar to fix that..sigh ;)

  4. Raspberry Ripple sounds wonderful!