Tuesday, 29 March 2016

I was only joking Mother!

At Magpie Tales, the prompt is a picture by one David Ligare.

My mother is well known for expressing herself in a somewhat roundabout way. 

Like yesterday, Easter Sunday. I popped round to the parents with some seasonal chockies as you do, and Mother dearest said “I took bread and wine this morning”

“Not from Mr. Patel's corner shop I hope” I said.

I was of course, attempting a witticism, but Mother thought I had taken her comment as a confession of shoplifting! She got very flustered.

“Sorry Mum" I said. "I was only joking. So, you took a bottle of Merlot and a couple of loaves over to the food bank”  Gag number two misfired.

“No Rosey, I went to church and took Holy Communion” she spluttered.

My Father issued me with a mild  reprimand albeit with a grin on his face. He then asked if I was stopping for lunch. Feeling extremely hungry I said “Yes please, I could eat the hind leg off a donkey". 

Mother looked at me and said “Actually dear we are having the hind leg of a  lamb!” Then she  burst into laughter. Then with a quizzical expression on her face she said "But Rosey dear, you are a vegetarian"



  1. patient parents! Funny story! Cheers!

  2. So who got who in the end? Mother always wins. Lol!