Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My buns

I thought I'd have a go at Sunday Scribblings 2. The word is paste

Oh gosh, I’ve just remembered something that I did a few summers ago. I made some buns for the annual village food festival (my buns are legendary!)  Well, I thought for a laugh I would ice them with toothpaste and pop a mint leaf on top. Honestly! Not the stripy stuff of course, that would have been a giveaway, wouldn’t it? And guess what? I didn’t win first prize, but I did get a ‘highly commended’ certificate! 

Thinking about it, it was quite a good idea because you can eat sticky sweet  stuff and clean your nashers at the same time. Yea!



  1. Rosie have you been at the Chardonnay first thing in the morning again?

  2. Rosey - you are a genius - honestly you are ;)