Friday, 13 March 2015

Have you seen my wheel?

At Sunday Scribblings 2 the prompt is Wheel

Oh gosh, seeing this word reminded me of when someone stole the front wheel of my bike. Honestly! I mean, why?

I left it chained to the fence by the gate to the park, that one at the far end of the seafront. What’s it called? Oh yes Princes Park. I wonder which prince it’s named after. Could be that pop star or Bonny Prince Charlie! He died in 1788 you know, or was it 1877? Maybe Prince Charles was wheeled around there in a buggy when he was a bonny baby. Who knows?

What was I saying? Oh yes, my disappearing wheel. I live quite a way from the park. I’m on the seafront but the other end near Beachy Head. By the way, I walked to the cliff  top last Tuesday. The weather was lovely and I’m sure I saw a French person waving his onions at me. That sounds a bit rude! Only joking. 

Anyway I didn't fancy walking all the way home so I decided to try doing it wheelie style like some motorcyclists do, you know, riding on the back wheel with the front pulled up in the air. But that didn’t work and I fell over backwards!

I tried riding my friend Keith’s penny farthing bike once and fell off that too. And I saw someone on a monocycle the other day and that looked fun. Also looked a bit silly!

Anyway, as I was saying I’ve lost my front wheel. Hopefully wheel meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when. We’ll - wheel - get it?

That’s it.  I lost my wheel.


  1. Certainly do! And glad Rosey has her very own place..always a pleasure

  2. Thank you Jae Rose. I'm so glad I got writing again!

    1. Yes - one day I may give Alice a pen - I think you'd like her Rosey ;)

  3. Have you been at the Chardonnay again? You should know that locking the front wheel to the main frame is the safest way. Hope the bike has now been restored to your satisfaction.