Monday, 16 March 2015

Retail therapy

Now, how am I doing? Hand lotion tick. Hello Magazine tick. Tights tick. Tomatoes tick. Washing up liquid tick.

Where next?

Jimmy Choo shoes along there. Gucci shop round the corner. Breitling watches back there, and I mustn't forget to pop into the Chanel store.

This shopping is thirsty work. I’ll just nip into Harrods for a glass of champagne and maybe a little caviar on the side.

Ahhh. One can dream! Now where’s McDonalds

I got the idea from Tess Kincaid's picture at Magpie Tales  



  1. I would love a Gucci purse could you grab one on sale for me to bring back? I'll make it worth your while! Haha!

  2. Love the mix of all the highbrow things ending with a trip to the ubiquitous golden arches. LOL, but my choice would be fish and chips.

  3. Clever, sprightly and quite entertaining.

  4. Every cloud has a Lead Lining !

  5. I wanted to try Micky Dee's over there to see if it tasted the same...