Sunday, 14 June 2015


My A Prompt Each Day is the post below this one!


I’m having another shot at Sunday Scribblings 2. Who groaned? Anyway, the prompt is only a few songs. Here goes...

I love karaoke don’t you? We have one every month at The Bicycle Arms. For a reason I’ve never fully understood my friends always try to prevent me from taking to the stage (Actually it’s an upturned beer crate!)

I think it's pure jealousy; they don’t want me to show them up. They probably think I’m too professional sounding and I’ll top their meagre efforts at wailing and shrieking.

Usually when I stand up someone dashes forward to get there before me. It’s odd because there are lulls sometimes, and I feel duty bound to fill the silence. But invariably it ends up like some kind of obstacle race with tables being bashed and drinks splashed on the way!

There are only a few songs I like on the playlist anyway. The one I get the biggest applause for when I’m at work sadly isn’t there. The children in my class love it. You know it, I’m sure.

All together

The wheels on the bus go round and round
Round and round
Round and round...........................



  1. Sorry I missed that Rosey I was in the Gents but couldn't get out because of the crowd trying to get in.

  2. Well you know we would clear your path to the stage Rosey not trip you's one of our favourite songs...really gets into your head like a tapeworm..delicious!

  3. I can't sing well enough to save my life, so I'll be far away from karaoke and the stage. :) But you have fun :D