Saturday, 6 June 2015

Tea for two de dum de dum

Our word at Sunday Scribbling 2 is Teacups!

I’ve got a musical ear. Really! Actually, that should be musical ears, plural. I mean, you don’t have just one ear that’s musical do you? – unless you are audibly-challenged one side! So, I’ve got musical ears and I don’t mean I’m listening to my iPod through headphones!

Apparently I’m almost ‘pitch perfect’ (and I throw a mean ball too, but that’s another story!) Name any note, A to G, and I’ll sing it for you. It’s my party piece at the pub especially when there is a pianist in the house to prove I'm right.

So what has this to do with tea cups I hear you ask? Well, my friend Keith’s daughter Penny collects vintage tea cups, and when she was showing them to me recently I noticed that when they touched each other they each pinged a different note. It occurred to me that if I could find eight different sounding ones I’d have an octave and a very unusual musical instrument. So I did and I have!

Well, the talent contest was coming up at our local, The Bicycle Arms and I thought ‘just the job’! It was last week actually, so I went along armed with my eight assorted teacups and one silver tea spoon.

When my turn came I arranged my instrument on the table and started to play and sing...guess what? Yep, Tea for Two!

Well, everyone joined in, so I played it again. Now this time when I sang the bit that goes ‘Imagine you upon my knee’,  out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a very fanciable young man tapping his thigh as if inviting me to sit on his knee! Sadly, my euphoria was short lived when I realised he was actually trying to swat a fly. Hey-ho.

Anyway, I didn’t win. That honour went yet again to Victor the Vent who takes off one of his socks and uses it as a ventriloquist’s dummy. A bit cheesy if you ask me! However, I did come second. How about that?

Sadly in my enthusiasm, during my third encore I tapped one of the cups a little too hard and the handle came off! For goodness sake don’t tell Penny!


  1. Oh dear dear Rosey you're always a winner in our eyes...would you like to come to tea...Alice harrumphed that figured out that you have musical ears not ear....see, you're smart and funny too!

    1. I'd love to come to tea! Will we have scones jam and cream?

  2. Fancy letting a dummy like that beat you! I would have socked him.

  3. I have a son who has perfect pitch as well. He knew the note on the microwave as soon as he learned note names.

    What a cute little story!

    cd from Sunday Scribblings 2

    ps loved the puns with Old Egg

    1. That's amazing! I'll try it next time I heat a meal! As for Eggy, you can always rely on him to come up with a yolk!

    2. Thanks for stopping by. BTW, I almost picked that pretty picture for my prompt. Would have been a very different story.